Affiliate Programme – Executive PA Forum 2020


Would you like to become an Affiliate Partner for the Executive PA Forum 2020?

We would love it if you were open to becoming one of our affiliate marketing partners, to help us spread the word of Forum 2020 to your savvy network.

Tech-wise, we set you up with a bespoke affiliate link where you can track your own progress and earnings, while you share with your network a special code to book their discounted place.

We can share images and videos with you to help you spread the word, and we can help you construct posts/e-mails – though of course anything you say authentically about the Forum in your own voice is always going to land best with your network.

If you are happy to sign up please just fill your details here (*Note for the comments box, you can just add very basic information as we already know you.)

If you have any questions please contact

We look forward to working with you!