From speaking to so many of you recently, I was compelled to create this series on taking control of your career.
A lot of the conversations I’ve had recently with EA and PAs centred around uncertainty and lack of support – many of you said things like ‘I am not sure where can I go to next’, or ‘there’s no set career path’ or ‘my organisation does not support my CPD’ – a major challenge that kept cropping up was seeking support for professional development and growth beyond your day-to-day.

I found myself giving advice from my own experience that seemed to resonate with people I spoke to – especially when it came to taking back control, and thinking big and going after your big goals – your dream goals!

In this session, I focus on what is possible for you to create in your life, so then you can start to understand what could really be achievable for you. I can tell you from my own experience, once you can imagine and visualise what’s possible, you can start to shift your brain into focusing on making that your goal.

Other episodes include:

✅ Reclaiming your power – only YOU are responsible for creating your current reality and future career

✅ How to celebrate success even if you also currently feel you are struggling
✅ Control your thoughts, control your feelings
✅ How to welcoming negative emotions that will ultimately help you achieve positive outcomes
✅ The difference between happiness and success
✅ Confidence and failure working together
✅ The right questions you need to ask yourself
✅ Self-worth – defining and owning who you are and who you will become

FULL Series included in ELEVATE and RISE Memberships.

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