International EA/PA Coach & Trainer, Founder of the Global Assistant Online


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Rating: 5/5

The program: Exceeded Expectations

The thing loved most about The Power EA: Learning new things, the coaching sessions at the end of the module where I was able to discuss the topic in more detail and learn even more and challenge or understand my way of thinking. I got to learn more around various topics. For me, I believe EA’s need to focus more on 1:1 coaching and I liked the structure of this programme.

Niamh Smithers,
Executive Assistant Manager and EA to CSO/Co-Founder and CPO of Intercom

The Global Assistant Online is a rich programme of in-demand skills and agile learning, critical to the success of the executive support role.

The programme includes self-guided, on-demand online lectures and weekly coaching sessions, offering you a pathway to agility in order to operate successfully as an extension of the C-suite leader you represent.

The Global Assistant Online’s suite of global skills can help you strengthen your impact with lessons modelled on modern leadership, offering a gateway to redefine your career. It is a transformative learning experience which guides you through a global skills program, and one of the most comprehensive and rich online global skills professional development programmes available for administrative professionals of all levels today.

Trish Butera is an Intercultural Business Advisor and Executive Coach to Senior Leaders in Global Business …

Since 2014, she has partnered with C-suite professionals to deepen and strengthen their cross-cultural management skills and cultural agility to obtain consistent business results across borders.

Trish works with multinationals in diverse industry sectors to develop bespoke cross-cultural training and international protocol skills development initiatives.

In July 2020, Trish founded The Global Assistant Online. As a former international EA to a global captain of industry, Trish has an intimate understanding of the expectations and challenges of the executive support role in almost all manifestations. She has unique insights and a deep awareness and knowledge of the role’s influence and potential in the global workplace.

With the ability to form authentic connections, Trish has the experience, exposure and highly developed interpersonal skillset that makes her a natural mentor to professionals in admin roles.

In the process, Trish has created unique professional development programs that have helped her students and mentees grow their careers and expand their professional opportunities.

Through The Global Assistant Online, Trish has scaled her efforts to champion and empower experienced and emerging professionals in executive support roles in over 40 countries and counting! She helps them position themselves for professional growth and long-term success in an increasingly complex and competitive global workplace.

The program offers executive support professionals on-demand, affordable and accessible leadership skills training and professional coaching to assist their career growth.

The Executive PA Forum are proud to be the exclusive partner for delivering this suite of programs across Ireland, the UK and the EU.


EAs & PAs who have a desire to take charge of their professional development to fast-track their career progression. Who seek to learn and enhance their skill set in ‘future skills’ competencies; leadership and communication skills that are universally in demand and essential to succeeding in the modern workplace.

They are pursuing career growth in a competitive job market and see the value in investing in professional development, and wish to take advantage of the International networking forums.


Leadership skills are not exclusive to organisational leaders. Cultural Agility, Interpersonal Excellence and Strategic Engagement are the key themes of the e-courses and virtual workshop sessions. The modules are structured to provide a high-level learning experience.

All course content offers learning outcomes proven to increase awareness and understanding of the high-performance workplace and improve operational effectiveness and productivity.


On demand learning will increase learning retention and support an active learning and growth mindset, The Global Assistant Online offers an opportunity to validate learning through individual and group coaching sessions. All programs have a coaching component included.

The Global Assistant Online is an agile platform that is well-positioned as a strategic learning partner. It is a valuable resource for organisations requiring targeted Learning & Development programs for their executive support teams.