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Is to champion and empower Executive & Personal Assistants and Administrative Professionals


Lies in raising the profile of the profession, at home and abroad, and we believe strongly in the power of community to achieve this


Is that every Executive & Personal Assistant has the chance to benefit from training and development, to connect with a growing community of professionals just like you so together you can explore common challenges in a safe and supportive environment - somewhere you feel you belong!

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The strength of the Executive PA Forum is built on a dedicated community of Forum ambassadors – our savvy network – who use the platform as an opportunity to share your collective knowledge, swap contacts, and brainstorm with like-minded professionals to solve common challenges.

The Executive PA Forum is somewhere you can form new friendships, learn from each other, and make lasting memories – both in-person and online.

Join our community of 1000s of professionals just like you, so you can accelerate your career and stay at the cutting-edge of what is happening in business today.





Our Story So Far

The Executive PA Forum is produced and hosted by Zoom In Conferences & Events, established by sisters Fiona & Aisling Kelly.

Fiona always had a strong ambition to start her own corporate events business. Having achieved her degree in Business & Law and earning her stripes at a conference production company in Sydney, she returned to Ireland to do just that.

By this time, Aisling had achieved her degree in Business, specialising in HR – after which she worked in the Learning & Development department of a financial services firm. Pooling their skills, talent and resources they recognised a gap in training provision for EAs & PAs.

Platform for knowledge-sharing, practicalities of the role and how much the role has evolved beyond the traditional duties that a PA would have fulfilled. – trusted go to provider… we want our PAs to be at the cutting-edge of what is happening in business today…

Having produced at least 6 conferences a year for PAs & Executive Assistants in Sydney, Fiona was shocked to discover that there weren’t any such training opportunities and events in Ireland.
‘For me, it was even more of a surprise because the EA/PA conferences I produced in Sydney were the most interesting, innovative and inspiring events that I worked on.’

From speaking to many Irish PAs and EAs during those early days, it was evident that members of this group of professional felt undervalued and overlooked when it came to training – and the sisters were compelled on a mission to change that.

Fiona & Aisling work hard to bring you the most renowned trainers, teachers, experts and thought leaders that are the basis for amazing learning experiences. They also deliver learning and networking events for the profession with the APAI (Association of Administrative Professionals in Ireland). They also host a range of workshops throughout the year with thought leaders, and they provide training in-house for some of Ireland’s most well-known organisations.

‘Our Mum was a qualified secretary who found that her career opportunities were limited. For her, becoming a full-time mother was a more fulfilling role than any organisation would ever offer her. We wanted to create a platform so that this professional group would have better opportunities than the previous generation, and it’s wonderful to see the role has evolved into a much more rewarding role since then. Our Dad also worked in education all his life, and so it is no surprise that our business now focuses on the further education and training of PAs, EAs and those in an administrative role’



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