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“Fiona is a trailblazer in the area of EA/PA learnings and development. She has taken the lead on many occasions i.e. The Executive PA Forum and championing training and connection experiences. As a founder member of Miss Jones Ireland, Fiona has yet again, added another tool for the EA, PA & Business support professionals.

I have grown and learnt so much from attending the Executive PA Forum over the last number of years. An event that would not be in existence only for Fiona and the team. I would highly recommend connecting with Fiona for all things EA/PA and business support related.”

Fiona Robinson

“I met Fiona through the PA forum which is a networking and empowerment initiative for Executive Assistants in Ireland. Fiona has created a supportive environment where EA’s can be acknowledged for their role in creating businesses that run smoothly.

The forums are educational with guest speakers covering many different and inspiring subjects from conflict management to technology. Knowledge is shared and EAs are kept up to date with trends in travel, IT, venue bookings etc. Fiona takes time to get know each and every participant, and offers mentoring and support. Familiarization excursions broaden the knowledge and understanding of the various hotels and venues so that events can be tailored ro meet the demands of each business.

I highly recommend the EA forum and Fiona and her team for hosting such an excellent service and providing EA’s with an opportunity to network, upskill and be ontop of market trends.”

Debbie Murray

“I would highly recommend the Executive PA Forum for any PAs and EAs looking for industry update, networking and career development! I attended this year’s edition and the speakers were excellent, the venue was beautiful and the event was organised to perfection.”

Leticia Swords – KPMG Ireland

“I have attended Fiona’s Executive PA Forum twice now and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The speakers are top class, the workshops are invaluable and I came away filled full of confidence that I can deal with any situation that comes my way.”

Sharon Kavanagh 

“I highly recommend Fiona for her unwavering dedication to supporting Executive Assistants in Ireland in their training and professional development. I have attended many courses and events organised by Fiona, The Executive PA Forum, Strategic Executive Assistant courses, Webinars and networking events. I have learnt so much and something different at every event.

Fiona is the “Irish Champion” of Executive Assistants. She has an extensive network that she leverages to provide invaluable resources and connections to the EA community in Ireland.

Her commitment to helping others is evident through her availability for guidance and support, whether it is a phone call or a face-to-face chat at events. Fiona’s mission to elevate the EA profession is truly commendable and her contributions make a significant difference in our field.

I recommend any EA/PA to sign up to any of the professional development opportunities Fiona presents them with!”

Susan Eccles

“I highly recommend Fiona for her dedication and resolve to bring meaningful and effective training to EAs, PAs and Administrative workers in Ireland. Fiona has been working tirelessly for over a decade to bring together networks of employees, trainers and mentors to create an equipped and empowered workforce. Long may her mission continue as she has already improved the lives and work of 100s of people.”

Roseanne Connolly – Arthur Cox





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